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1 Dr., Dpt. of Industrial System Engineering, October University for Modern Science and Arts, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Professor Dr., Dean of Faculty of Engineering, October University for Modern Science and Arts, Cairo, Egypt.


Many organizations are nowadays interested in adopting lean manufacturing strategy
that would enable them to compete in this globalization market. Lean production
philosophy striving for elimination of all kind of waste, which is becomes the main
target in industrial companies, as well as in food industrial organizations. Decreasing
the process time and identifying all types of defects in the production line are critical
in improving the productivity, especially in mass production companies. The
objectives of this paper are implementing the lean production tools in a mass
production company for food industry to reduce the major kinds of waste and
increase the productivity of the company. This paper is focusing on collecting
qualitative data about the major kinds of waste in the production line, and analyzing
those data to find the root causes of the major wastes in all processes in the
production line and trying to eliminate them in order to improve the productivity. The
achieved results indicate that implementation of some lean tools in the company with
the available resources without additional cost such as; routine maintenance,
correction, adjustment and repair has a great impact on increasing machines
availability, the total productivity and the net profit in the company.