Design of gain scheduled fuzzy PID controller for multi-link robot manipulators

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor, The High Institute of Engineering, City of Science and Culture, 6 of October City, Giza, Egypt.



Gain Scheduling (GS) controller is one of the most popular approaches to nonlinear control design. Commonly, Gain Scheduling (GS) controllers have better performance than robust ones. In this paper, the structure of a proposed gain scheduled PID fuzzy controller (GSPIDF) designed and analyzed. The Fuzzy PID controller gains weighted through gain
scheduling designed system to grantee both the stability and the best performance of a multi links robot manipulator system. The overall designed controller system is applied to two links robot manipulator system, which is subject to modelling using Lagrangian dynamics method and simulation vie MatLab and Simulink package to minimize the vibration and acquire best performance.