Passive vibration damping of acantilever plate

Document Type : Original Article


Mechanical engineering department, MTC, Cairo, Egypt.



Vibration control of mechanical systems divided into two types active and passive, this case study illustrates other approach of passive control of the cantilever plate by using double layers of the viscoelastic material (Dyad 606) one in the upper face of the Al substrate (5051) and the second one in the lower face. This layers are affected by axial uniform distributed force by applying tension load, the damping level depend on the value of this axial force where the vertical
component of this force consistently the other way of the vibrating element that reduce vibration amplitude in this direction by about (95%) of the original amplitude without damping layers. Computational analysis using ANSYS program are used firstly to verify that the results from the software are compatible with that obtained from analytical and experimental evaluation by comparing the values of natural frequencies. Then using ANSYS model to calculate the reduction occurs in the lateral vibration with changing of the axial loads on the viscoelastic plates. The benefits of this model are enhancing the reliability and reducing the cost.