Transient heat transfer for GPMG's barrel 7.62x51mm

Document Type : Original Article


Mechanical branch, MTC, Cairo, Egypt.



In this paper, a modified analytical solution for time-dependent one dimension heat diffusion equation in cylindrical coordinate had been mathematically solved to calculate the temperature distribution through thick-walled weapon barrel subjected to successive shots. The analytical solution has been compared with experimental measurements for the temperature at the outer surface of the barrel at two different positions. The General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) 7.62X51 mm was considered as the case of study. The results show a good agreement between the analytical model and the experimental work with a difference less than 3 %. The main difference between them mainly as a result of the very short time of the heating phenomena as it takes about 6 (ms) only, although the used Data Acquisition System was able
to take a high sampling rate and a high sensitive thermocouple type k with only 0.5 mm thickness had been used.