Improving water desalination efficiency by using carbon nanotubes as pre-treatment

Document Type : Original Article


1 Production Engineering, Education Development Fund, Cabinet of Ministers, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Production Engineering and Printing Technology Department, Akhbar Elyom, Academy, Giza, Egypt.

3 Mechanical Design and Production Department, Taibah University, KSA.

4 Mechanical Design and Production Department, Cairo University.



Filters based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been highlighted as an emerging technology for water desalination. In this paper, the weight percentage (wt.%) of CNTs required for desalination is discussed. The idea is based upon addition of CNTs to simple filters that is employed as adsorbent for dissolved solids in water (sodium chloride removal). Different CNTs filters (using CNTs Multi walled tube type) specimens were fabricated. Experimental work was done, through building a test rig, to show the effect of percentage of weight of CNTs on desalination of (Red Sea and Brackish) water. The effect of multiple filtration stages has been also shown. It was shown that the filters containing CNTs would be
effective if used at the intake of modern RO (Reverse Osmosis) water desalination plants. Using filters with CNTs as pre-treatment of intake water for the RO units will reduce feeding pressure, specific energy and power consumption.