Optical non linear characteristics of particles from natural resources

Document Type : Original Article


1 Dr. Eng. consultant in materials sciences & materials applications, Egypt.

2 National Institute of laser enhanced Science, NILES, CU, EGYPT.



In these work some nano and micro particles such as granite, zeolite, diopside ferrous and sand glass which considered as waste or byproduct from mining industries. The micro and nano particles from natural resources were prepared by sieving and mixing with acidic solution at certain concentration, the particles are soaked and immerged in the acidic
solution for long time to achieve reasonable hemogenity, sterring is done directly before measurements. The non linear characteristics of the prepared solution were measured by z-scan open aperture technique. The results explained in terms of the composition and structure of the micro and nano particles. Granite particles does not introduce any emission due to compact structure, while zeolite, diopside ferrous and sand glass have significant non linear spectrum related to their structure. The research introduces new applications of the ceramics materials micro and nano particles in non linear optical devices. The research ends with conclusions and recommendation for future work in this new field of applications. The new techniques and the new materials selected in the current study have good non linear optical characteristics; these are promising for practical application. It can be used for various optical applications such as optical modulators, sensors and other optical protection applications.