Interactions between microorganisms and composite material with marble & granite filler

Document Type : Original Article


1 Dr. Eng. consultant in materials sciences & materials applications, Egypt.

2 Agricultural Microbiology Department, National Research Centre, Egypt.



It is promising to develop new composite materials which have antimicrobial activity for many applications; this is our goal in this study. All experiments were done to achieve this an important objective by studying the interaction between the new composites and some pathogenic reference microorganisms. The produced composite was manufactured
from industrial wastes. Recently, many research groups in all fields have focusing work on removing the wastes and recycling it as useful materials. In this study, the preparing new composite from marble and granite wastes with thermoplastic matrix PMMA was investigated. This composite is considered as new type of micro- nano composite because it has fillers in the nano and micro sizes. Pathogenic microorganisms, used in this study, obtained from the
American type culture collection (ATCC; Rockville, MD, USA), yeast and one pathogenic fungus were applied. The evaluation of analysis was done by spectrophotometer SEM and EDX techniques. The suitable applications of new composite material were mentioned based upon the interaction recorded in the study. The study ends with recommendation for future modifications in the new composite materials to improve its resistances to microorganism.